Move-up & Connection Sunday

Hello old and new friends!

Just a quick introduction to this type of post. The Update, found on, is an informational place that I update periodically to keep you in the know. I will always send out the link to this through the church’s announcement platform so you can stay connected.

New parents and students, we are excited that you are joining our RSM family! We know God is going to do great things through the Rock over the next many years!

A few things to know about Sunday School:

  • Sunday school begins at 9:30A. Students can come a little early to hang out. We gather in the Rock’s main gathering space (brick building on campus) before actual SS begins. We do this for announcements, prayer and fellowship.

  • Students will then go to their respective SS classes in the Rock, which are divided by age and gender. These are located in the classrooms in the Rock’s back hallway. The SS teachers will ensure the students get to the correct classrooms!

  • The SS teachers are as follows:

  • MS Girls: Tonya Haines and Rachel Wakefield

  • MS Guys: Keith Rainwater and Jonathan Samples

  • HS Girls: Brittany Eason, Stephanie Rainwater, and Laykin Toney

  • HS Guys: Travis Haines and Andrew Toney

  • Each class will walk over to the main church building after SS.

  • Sunday School is a great mission opportunity. We often say that SS is the evangelistic arm of the church encourage your students to invite friends to SS!

  • As your you, parents, please encourage you student to be in SS! So much connection and growth can happen through SS!

A few things to know about Connection Sunday:

  • Connection Sunday is an oppurtunity for members and guests of the church to see the opportunities the church has to offer.

  • Represented will be:

  • Foundations (bed babies-kindergarten)

  • Firehouse (1st-5th grade)

  • The Rock SM (6th-12th grade)

  • 831 (college and young adults)

  • Worthy (women’s ministry)

  • Disciple-Making Men (men’s ministry)

  • Recreation Ministry

  • Both Foundations and Firehouse will have an “open-house” opportunity with their specific areas open. The other ministries listed will have tables setup in the lower lobby before and after service.

If you have any questions about any of this at all, or anything else pertaining to the Rock or church at large, please let me know at

I am excited for this upcoming year and know God is going to do great things through the lives of the students.

By grace,


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