NEXT CAMP 2022 5/26/22

Hey friends! Summer camp is coming up very soon! A month from today the leaders will head to camp and set up for the arrival of the students the next day. It is crazy that it is already camp time! If you haven't signed up your student for camp yet, you can do that HERE!

This year we have renamed our summer camp, NEXT Camp. The Rock's mission statement is, A place for students to take their next step with Christ. Thus, NEXT Camp. Each year summer camp will be called NEXT Camp! (just like we call our winter retreats Refuel.) However, each year we will have a different theme for the week, as we always have. This year our theme is IMAGO DEI, which means image of God. Our mornings will consist of looking at what it means to be made in the image of God (Gen. 1:26-27) and how that impacts what we believe about our identity, purpose, sexuality, dating, marriage etc. If the church doesn't help shape our student's understanding of these things through Scripture, the world will. We have also invited Brian Branam back as our camp speaker. He will speak at the evening services.

Here are some of the major details you need to know as of now:

  • Camp is June 27-July 1. Students will leave RRBC by charter bus and church bus at 9AM. They will arrive at camp at ~4PM.

  • Camp cost is $230. Though this is not the hard cost of camp, this is the portion the students will be paying. The price the students are charged for camp has significantly increased due to the new ownership of the camp. However, the church has taken on much of the increase to ensure camp stayed affordable for all students. If you still need financial help in paying for camp, please email me at There are loving members in the church who desire to sponsor students.

  • For your student to attend camp I need an updated waiver for them. You can find that HERE. (Waivers are only good for 1 year.)

  • Camp payment is due no later than June 26th.

  • We will have a parent meeting Wednesday, June 1 in the Rock at 6PM.

I am excited for those headed to camp with us. I know the Lord is going to do some awesome things in the lives of our students; He always does! Also, if your student is on the fence about attending camp, please encourage him or her to! Camp is one of the most helpful times to connect and build relationships with one another.

If you have any questions at all, please let me know by emailing me at

By grace,


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