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Refuel ‘23

Tomorrow is the day! We are not long from headed to the mountains! I know the Lord has a great week in store for us. Here are a few reminders.

  • Please eat before you come to the the church tomorrow. We will have snacks tomorrow evening but not dinner.

  • We will leaving at 5:00P. Please be on time. If you realize you are going to be late, please send me a message.

  • The weather this weekend will range from a low of 27° to a high of 47°. Please send your students with appropriate clothing.

  • You can find all of the parent meeting notes: schedule, things to bring etc. HERE.

  • If you can, send your student with a water bottle. (It helps cut down on the trash!)

  • I will update the same way you received this message a few times throughout the trip. Service may be sparse. If so, I'll get the update out through someone back home.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!

Andrew Toney


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