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Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Hey all! It’s the weekend! I hope your week went great and you have a restful weekend planned!

We have a lot of things going on in the Rock right now and coming up in the future that I wanted to make you aware of.

Since you’re here, take a look around at the website update!


Refuel is out mid-year trip in which we take the students to the mountains for a few days. We decided a few years ago to split this trip up between middle schoolers and high schoolers. It has turned into one of my favorite parts of our year. This year we will be headed back to Pigeon Mountain Crossing in Lafayette, Georgia. It is right around three hours away. The middle school trip is December, 19-21st, we will leave after church Sunday and return Tuesday. The cost for this trip is $100, which includes: lodging, meals, transportation, and a shirt. The high school trip is January 14-17th, which is MLK weekend, the cost is $130. We will leave Friday and return home Monday. We will have a parent meeting for these trips Wednesday, December 1st.

A brief overview of the schedule is:

  • Wake up & eat breakfast around 9a

  • Small worship set and teaching at 10a

  • Lunch at 12p

  • Hang/possible trip to town

  • Dinner at 6p

  • Worship at 7p

  • Hangout/Games til 11p

  • Lights out

You can sign up for the trips here:




This year the RockFeast will be on November 17th (the Wednesday before Thanksgiving). RockFeast is another major event of the year and a tradition that has been going on for at least 8 years! Every year we know we have students in the Rock that will not get to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with their family for various reasons. Our hope is to help that by having our own! However, to do this we need the help of our students and our leaders. To make this happen we have created a sign-up list on what to bring. For the past few years we have served right around 120 students! If you would like to help by bringing a dish, you can click HERE.


The TurkeyBowl is a flag football game we do every year as the Rock. This year we will do it November 28th, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We’ll have a quick bite to eat after church and then plan on campus in our newly updated field! (The same place soccer and football were played this year!). Parents are more than welcome to come and hang with us!


The church will be conducting a church wide outreach day November 13. This is a time when we will go into our community and invite others to church and engage them with the gospel of Christ! The last time we did this for the big invite, our Easter initiative, we had a great student turn out! I’m expecting the same for this, encourage your student to be there!

it’s a joy to serve you guys and serve with you. If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to reach out!

Much love,



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