Updated: Nov 14

Happy Sunday! I hope you have had a restful afternoon!

Let’s keep everything simple today with just a few reminders.

We had a great night in the Rock this week drinking hot chocolate as we worked through the parable of the seeds together! We learned that everyone is somewhere when it comes to Jesus. Jesus challenged our hearts last night as he makes everyone of us consider where we stand with Him. I hope that you talk to your students (or if you’re a student reading that you talk to your parents) about what goes on in the Rock. One of the greatest ways you can help your student take their next step with Christ is to be involved in their spiritual life. Two things you can always ask your student after a Wednesday night: What was the sermon about tonight? How did your small group go?

You can check out the Wednesday night sermon as well as other resources HERE.


RockFeast, which is our yearly Thanksgiving dinner, is WEDNESDAY! There are still some items left to sign-up for, you can check out the list HERE!


The TurkeyBowl is a flag football game we do every year as the Rock. This year we will do it November 28th, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We’ll have lunch at the church (free) and then head down to the field on campus! Make sure your student signs up HERE. We are going to make teams, so we need to know by this Wednesday!


Don’t forget, Refuel sign-ups are underway. You can sign your student(s) up for Refuel HERE.

Middle School: December, 19-21st, Cost: $100

High School: January 14-17th, Cost is $130

***We will have a parent meeting for these trips Wednesday, December 1st in the Rock.

That’s all for now, I hope you have a great, restful weekend!

If you need anything, feel free to reach out!

By grace,


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