Update 6/21/22

Hey all! For those of you that have been involved in VBS and Basketball Camp you know how great of a week it was last week! It is always awesome when the campus is buzzing! I wanted to remind you of a few things going on, I'll be quick!

CAMP - Students can still sign-up for camp which is the week of June 27-July 1! You can find all of the information HERE!

We will have another camp meeting next Wednesday (22nd) at 6PM in the Rock if you missed the first one.

DIETARY RESTRICTIONS - if you have any food restrictions, such as gluten free, allergies, lactose intolerant etc… message or email me immediately. We must make these arrangements with the kitchen staff this week before camp.

CAMP REMIND, This year we are going to use Remind to communicate and update parents specifically about camp. So, if your child is going to camp click HERE to get the updates! (This helps the rest of the Rock not get unnecessary notifications.)

BRAVES GAME - The Rock is headed to another Braves games! Last year was a fan favorite and we are doing it again! You can buy your ticket HERE. Tickets are $22. I will keep all the tickets and present them to the ticket booth when we get to the game. All your student will need is to bring dinner money for inside the park. We are sitting in the Coca-Cola section again. It has a great view and you get a free coke!

All in all great and exciting things going on! Make sure your students plug in this summer. Summer is a great time for relationship building and connecting!

I hope you know my love and the leader’s love for your students. We are expecting the Lord to do great things in the lives of our students!

By Grace,


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